Move with Christie

I am freelance personal trainer and boutique studio instructor. Based in South Northamptonshire covering areas between Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes. I am a qualified Pilates teacher, Personal Trainer, Barre and ThaiFit instructor.

My background includes 6+ years as a professional Muay Thai fighter. I am currently ranked in the UK at #3 at 59kg. During this time I also started to teach kids Muay Thai. I have worked within the children services for many years and this is something I feel very passionately about, as such my kids classes are focused on discipline and fun!

I started Pilates to compliment my boxing training, as I had started to suffer with poor posture and tight muscles, once I started Pilates and connected to my breathwork I noticed a significant improvement in my boxing. My love for Pilates has since grown, it is a multisport discipline and compliments all sports and all abilities. Superb total body workout applied by athletes and dancers, to those recovering from surgery or injury alike.

I teach group classes, small group personal training groups and offer 121 coaching.

What can you expect from me as your coach:

  • Individual specialised exercise plan
  • Clear goal setting
  • Nutritional advice and plans
  • Wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Homework!
  • Accountability
  • Check ins and WhatsApp support
  • I will be your biggest cheerleader

Why I like Pilates

Christie Manning

Joseph Pilates designed exercises to give total muscular balance and strength. The main emphasis of Pilates is to strengthen and lengthen the large and small muscle groups in order to aid smooth fluid movement. Improve flexibility and mobility of joints and tendons. I have felt the benefits of Pilates in my everyday life and within my fight camps. I enjoy hearing clients report relief from aches and pains, feeling improved posture and how they are able to progress in other disciplines such as yoga and skiing, due to the help of Pilates.

The style of my workout is is to treat every participant individually.  In this way I aspire to merge the exclusivity of private Pilates sessions with group classes.